Pollution solutions from Curaloe

Pollution solutions from Curaloe

Pollution is a stark reality for everyone; it is silently infiltrating our lives, penetrating our skin, and compromising our health. The past few years with the pandemic has shown us how air pollution acted as a catalyst in the spread of the virus, bringing home this truth.

According to the WHO, more than 99% of people worldwide breathe polluted air that is above recommended limits!

Breaking down your defenses

Many studies have shown that  pollution can cause inflammation that spreads throughout the body. It even infiltrates the blood stream, causing harm at a deeper  level. The truth is that pollution can affect every cell in your body.


Pollutants and UV radiation from sunlight are the two main factors that dry out and damage your skin. Skin stretches across your body like a protective glove, but its defenses are not perfect. Skin is porous and absorbs pollutants, which is a reason for concern! This disrupts the natural moisture barrier of the skin and causes oxidation, which in turn produces free radicals. Similar to how an apple or avocado turns brown when left out on the counter. Harmful free radicals appear as your skin barrier is compromised, leading to breakdown in the subepidermal tissues and causing skin sensitivity, inflammation, accelerated aging, fine lines, acne, uneven skin tone, and dark spots. It even affects the skin’s natural microflora, which keeps out unhealthy organisms. 

Health attack

As toxic elements accumulate in different parts of the body, the effects of pollution lead to a wide variety of health conditions. The immune system gets compromised, causing an overall weakening of the body’s defenses. These effects range from short-term to long-term; the longer the exposure, the more extensive the outcome. From the lungs to the heart, from the brain to all the main organs, each and every one of them is impacted.


The writing is on the wall—pollution is here to stay, and the question is: what can be done?

Fortunately, Curaloe has been at the forefront of realizing that the best way to combat the harmful effects of pollution is to turn to Mother Nature and her pharmacy. Of the many potent natural herbs and healers, our research led us to Aloe Barbadensis Miller (aka Aloe Vera), a universal cure. The immense healing potential of Aloe Vera became clear to us as we witnessed its restorative power firsthand on our farms. This deepened our commitment to share the bounty of nature with you on the journey to beauty, health, and well-being.

The Curaloe pollution solution

The good news is that by increasing your overall immunity and detoxifying your body from harmful pollutants, you can fight off the negative effects of pollution and skin damage. Incorporating antioxidants into your daily diet and skincare routine is one of the simplest ways to achieve this. It can be done by including plant based sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants stop or delay the damage caused to your cells by slowing down the oxidation process and preventing free radicals from reacting with your skin and body.

Aloe vera is a nutritional powerhouse packed with vitamins, polysaccharides, and antioxidants. Curaloe’s Immune Support Health Juice, made of 95% Aloe Vera juice combined with a blend of herbs, supports overall immunity. Begin your day with a health shot of this juice to hydrate the body, allowing it to overcome fatigue and boost energy levels while providing your body with support for internal recovery.

The magic mantra for skin recovery is to boost skin cell regeneration and support your skin’s protective barrier. Using anti-pollution skin care products, like CURALOE ORGANIC Anti-Pollution Serum, will soothe the skin, maintain pH balance, and encourage skin cell renewal. It contains a key ingredient, Tephrosia purpurea seed extract, that increases cellular respiration and waste product removal. (Read more about Tephrosia purpurea.) End your day by thoroughly cleansing your skin with CURALOE ORGANIC Cleansing Milk. It gently removes impurities and  toxins accumulated during the day. Exfoliating your skin a couple of times a week with CURALOE ORGANIC Total Skin Polish removes the free radical build up and nanoparticles that may have accumulated in the deeper layers of skin. Using a post-cleansing moisturizer such as CURALOE ORGANIC Hydra Restore Cream or CURALOE ORGANIC Age Defying Cream improves the skin's moisture balance and elasticity. Since air pollution is here to stay, you may as well invest in a skin and health regimen that takes care of these challenges and gives you the best chance to heal. 

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