Visit our Plantation on Curaçao

In the serene environment we call “The Aloe Vera Plantation Curacao” you can experience the entire process from plant to bottle with a high-end Virtual Reality tour. After the tour you can try and buy Curaçaos Most natural and authentic gift, Curaloe. Sit back and relax under the palapa surrounded by 100.000 Aloe Vera plants with a cup of coffee, a fresh soft drink or a cold beer.

Sustainability is Key. 

The environment in where our Aloe Vera Plants grow is unique and we treat our plants in the most natural way. We treat them with water, sunlight and love. The fact that we are in the Caribbean provides us with a lot of sunlight which is our natural source of energy for us and our Aloe plants. 

From Plant to Bottle.  

This is what makes our Curaloe Products unique. The process starts with radiant sunlight, healthy soil and organic farming techniques. We hand select each leaf and extract the pure aloe vera gel within 3 hours of harvesting. To manufacture Curaloe products at our own onsite solar powered factory. 

We work with Pure Liquid Aloe Vera which makes our quality exceptional if you compare with others. We combine our pure Aloe Vera with other natural oils and active ingredients to create our amazing and effective Curaloe products. 

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