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Hygiene Facial mask 3 layers (50 pieces)

€8,95 €19

- Dispenser Box with 50 disposable masks

- One size: 17.5cm * 9.5cm

- Efficient 3-layer filtering

- CE marked

- Skin-friendly, comfortable, odorless

Hygiene masks (also called surgical masks, medical face masks or surgical masks) are disposable, loose-fitting face masks that cover the nose, mouth and chin. Hygiene masks protect the wearer from droplets, splashes and coarse particles and reduce the transmission of diseases to the environment. Surgical masks mainly protect people around the wearer and not the wearer himself. Hygiene masks can be worn for at least 2 to 4 hours (up to 8 hours), even if they are wet. (according to BAG)

The Federal Office of Public Health recommends that the population have a personal supply of 50 hygiene masks per person.


Do Facial masks protect against the coronavirus?

Wearing a hygiene mask does not provide protection, or only to a limited extent, against infection with Covid-19. However, a surgical mask can help prevent you from spreading the virus to your surroundings. Our FFP2 respirators offer better protection against viruses.


Instructions for use:

Hygiene masks must not be used several times and must be disposed of immediately after use!

Avoid touching the surgical mask while wearing it.

Carefully cover your mouth and nose so that there are no gaps between your face and mask.

Store hygiene masks in a cool, dry place.

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