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How we started to produce good quality cosmetics


The problem...

There are two worlds in cosmetics. 

One side is the beautiful packaging, glass bottle, silverdop and secundairy packaging. But inside the bottle there is a synthetic product based on water with some butters and oils to make a cream out of it. 

The other side is the natural top quality cosmetics without a nice packaging, but big bottles with hand printed labels...

What if we combine both to one product that looks fancy and has a top quality product inside....? 

That's Curaloe!  

Under the hot Caribbean sun, there are growing 100.000 Aloe Vera plants, waited to be harvest and used in maybe one of the best cosmetics products in the world! 

But before we tell you how we make this quality products, we would like to show you how the cosmetics industry works, and especially the Aloe Vera Cosmetics industry. 


1. The Aloe Vera Plantation

The big Aloe Vera plantations in the world make powder from the inner side of the leaf, they call this Aloe Vera Extract. 

They heat up the gel to 150 degrees celsius to get the liquid out of the Aloe Vera. In this process they kill a lot of the good vitamins and minerals in the Aloe Vera, the reason they do this is because it is cost effective. 

They ship 1kg powder to the cosmetics factory instead of 1000kg Aloe Vera Gel.


2. The cosmetics factory

The cosmetics factory will receive a ready to use powder, they mix this powder with water, some oils and butters to make a "aloe vera" cream or lotion out of it....

But things getting worser, they can sell this products as Organic Aloe Vera cream or lotion! 
How do they do this? The powder they use is organic, they mix it with demineralized water and some organic butters and oils, this is the way they make from a not so fresh product an organic product. 

How do you recognize this? Easy, just read the ingredients list! The first ingredient on the list is the most common ingredient in the product, next time when you are in the drugstore, check out for Aloe Vera creams and lotions and you will see the first ingredient is "Aqua" or water. This means if you are using this product you are putting water + a little bit of Aloe Vera powder on your skin! 

But... we do things different!

We don't believe in this proces, besides, we've got an Aloe Vera plantation with a cosmetics factory on it, so we don't have to ship the pure Aloe Vera, we can use the inner filet of this plant directly in our products! 

Check out this short movie, the process we call "from plant to product"

So, we replace the water by Pure Aloe Vera Gel. By making cosmetics and health products trough this way, the good benefits of Aloe Vera stay into the product. The purest Aloe Vera to keep your body healthy!


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