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Skin Toner, maybe the question runs through your mind “what is Skin Toner exactly and what does it?”. Well let’s start talking about sweat. Everybody sweats and that happens every day, all day long. The human skin has sweat glands and these sweat glands have small openings. Some are bigger than the other and these openings are called pores.

The skin also possesses pores which secrete sebum of the skin. When the skin secretes to much sebum the skin looks oily and the pores are bigger then and can clog. But how is it possible that the skin secretes too much sebum?

Well, the skin produces collagen and this ensures that the walls of the pores remain firmly. But everybody gets older and weaker. This also happens with collagen. The older we get the less collagen gets produced by our skin. Because of we lose collagen in our skin the walls of de pores will lose their firmness.

Ladies use some make up once in a while and sometimes guys do to but let’s not talk about that part now. It’s possible that sebum and make up parts remain in the pores and this will make the pores bigger and more visible. This is what you want to avoid!

So it’s really important that you clean your skin daily and you need to do this thoroughly to keep your skin clean and healthy. You can do this with Curaloe Skin Toner. This is a natural facial toner with Aloe Vera which refreshes the skin, removes makeup effectively , cleans the pores thoroughly and kills bacteria. Curaloe Skin Toner contains Aloe Vera, Cucumber Extract, Grapefruit Peel Oil and Lime Oil.

After use of Curaloe® Skin Toner apply Curaloe® Facial Gel and/or any Curaloe® Moisturizer.
The Curaloe products contain an extract from the plants which are harvested and processed on our own plantation with the focus to maximize the therapeutic properties on your skin.

Curaloe Skin Toner contains 75% pure Aloe Vera and is now just a click away! Profit now from our special, buy 3 and pay 2 and order here!

Also take a look at our other products, like the Curaloe Facial Gel! The Facial Gel is perfect for use after the Curaloe Facial Toner. It cools off, moisturizes and softens the skin in a natural way. It also prevents itchy.

Curaloe Skin Toner 


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