Four steps to treat your face

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Four steps to treat your face

3 steps to treat your face.


Curaloe Facial line is specifically designed for the cleaning and nursing of the facial area. To gain an optimal result the Facial line has an specific order in which it should be used. Besides that it is important to have knowledge about the effects of different products before it is being used on the skin. In the four steps below the effects and order of the facial line will be explained for the optimal result.



  1. Starting with the Curaloe® Facial Wash

    The Facial Wash is a cleaning product for the face containing 65% pure Aloe Vera, lavender oil and liquid crystal soap. The Aloe Vera takes care of the nursing and softening of the skin. The lavender oil increases the elasticity of the skin and soothes small wounds. The cleaning of the face is executed by the liquid crystal soap. This active ingredients formula will remove dead skin cells and opening up the pores without disturbing the natural fluid balance. After the usage of the Curaloe’s Facial Wash the face has a nice and refreshing feel

    .Curaloe Facial Wash

  2. Using the Facial Toner

    After the usage of the Facial Wash the Facial Toner is ought to be used. The toner brings the PH levels back to normal, this is between 4,5 and 6,5 depending on certain skin characteristics. The Toner closes the pores again to prevent them from clogging up. Filth in the pores leads to impurities and pimples. The closing of the pores will decrease the chance to get impurities and pimples dramatically. The Toner contains cucumber extract this will provide the skin with a nice hydrating touch.

    Curaloe Facial Toner
  3. Usage of the Facial Gel or Mask

    The next step after the facial cleaning is the facial nursing process. The Facial Gel containing 85% Aloe Vera is perfect for the nursing of the skin. The Facial Gel will treat the skin after an intensive cleaning process. The Aloe Vera in the Gel increases the speed of the development of new skin tissue and brings structure to the skin.

    Curaloe Faical Gel


The Curaloe’s Facial Mask is a product that can be used individually or in combination with the Facial Gel and should only be used once or twice a week. The Masks main ingredients are Aloe Vera and Clay, this will nourish and soften the skin due to many natural minerals found in the Kaolin Clay. The Kaolin Clay is better known as Chinese Clay. The Mask should only be used once or twice a week due to its intensive caring effect it has on the skin.

Curaloe Facial Mask

Using a moisturizer

It is best to use a moisturizer after the whole facial treatment process to hydrate the skin. The type of moisturizer depends on what kind of skin type a person has. For each skin types there are different moisturizers. Skin types and what kind of moisturizers to use are listed below:

- Dry skin Curaloe® Day and Night Cream
- Sensitive skin Curaloe® Day and Night Cream
- Greasy skin Curaloe® Day in combination with the Facial Gel/ Anti- Wrinkle
- Normal/ combined skin types Curaloe® Day and Night Cream/ Anti- Wrinkle


The Day Cream

The Day Cream is a combination of 70% Aloe Vera, African Shea Butter, lavender oil and vitamin A and E. The African Shea Butter in the day cream will nourish the skin and the Aloe Vera will re-apply structure to the skin. The vitamins and lavender oil improve the skin elasticity and fasten the healing process in case of wounds.


The Night Cream

The Night Cream consists of 55% pure Aloe Vera gel. The night Cream is developed to feed the skin after a long and tiring day in which the skin had to endure a lot. During the night the Aloe Vera, African Shea Butter, Grape Seed oil and Vitamin E to repair damaged skin cells and nourish the skin.


The Anti- Wrinkle Cream

The Anti- Wrinkle Cream is developed to battle against; lines, wrinkles and “crow feet” around the face and neck area. The formula of 50% Aloe Vera, African Shea Butter, Grape Seed oil, Jojoba oil and vitamin E create and improve skin elasticity. This moisturizer is perfect to use for a normal and greasy skin. The Anti- Wrinkle is however less suited for a dry and sensitive skin, due to the adaptation process of the skin towards certain creams. This can create an irritating effect on the skin.


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Besides the nourishing of the skin does nutrition also have a lot of influence on appearance of the skin. By consuming the right nutrition you can get a more and better skin results.


Read the blog here in case you would like to know how food can give you a more healthy skin lookvin case you would like to know how food can give you a more healthy skin look.


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