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Skincare Gift Set Renewing Aloe Vera Routine - Facial Wash, Scrub, Day Cream

€53,50 €59,95

The best gift, for the best you. Let someone special in your life experience the benefits of Curaloe's amazing renewing routine.

This set includes an exfoliator, cleanser and a moisturiser. A perfect gift for all - the gift of nature. Enjoy this effective and all-in-one beauty treatment.


  1. Facial Wash

  2. Moisturising Scrub

  3. Day Cream


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3 Step Routine
Step 1: The Facial Wash is a low-foaming cleanser that can be used daily to remove impurities from the skin. Our facial wash does not strip off any essential moisture, making it a suitable product for any skin type.
Step 2: Our Moisturizing Scrub effectively removes dead skin cells, leaving radiant and smooth skin. (Can be used for the body and face!)
Step 3: The final step is to apply our Day Cream enriched with African Shea Butter, which will leave the skin feeling extra soft and firm!

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