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Organic Aloe Vera Body Care Kit

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The organic body kit is the ultimate luxury for the skin. While you shower or bathe the Invigorating Body Wash fills the senses and rejuvenates the skin with its effective botanical mix while leaving it clean and supple. After, allow your skin to soak in the nutrients of Aloe Vera, Coconut, Cacao, Moringa, Reishi Mushroom, Vanilla, Orange and Clary Sage in our Deluxe Body Cream. This will help ensure the maximum hydration and smooth textures for your entire body. This new Organic line is just that... 100% organic!

Invigorating Body Wash (200ml): gives a refreshing smell of Orange and Vanilla and leaves the skin clean, soft, and energized. Formulated with a high concentration of Aloe Vera, enhanced with Reishi Mushroom, Soap Bark, and Citrus Oils, the synergy of ingredients stimulates blood circulation and removes waste in the skin, leaving the skin clean and revived. Apply a generous amount to the desired area, lather well, and rinse off with warm water.

Deluxe Body Cream (200ml): This light but naturally fragranced body cream easily penetrates dry skin, leaving it smooth, soft, and hydrated. Merged with Aloe Vera and a holistic blend of essential oils, this cream ensures intense nourishment and hydration while combatting premature aging. Suitable for all skin types. Apply a generous amount on the specific area and massage until absorbed.



This product has the EcoCert Cosmos Natural and Organic Certifications.

We are proud to be Organic!

We believe in Nature's intrinsic ability and we follow a holistic approach to health and well-being. The Cosmos Organic Certification signifies strict standards to ensure organic agriculture, biodiversity, processes and manufacturing, ethical and clean processing to respect the environment and human health while promoting “Green Chemistry.”

  • No artificial fragrances
  • No GMO’s parabens, phenoxyethanol, or other petrochemical ingredients
  • All packaging is recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Only the best of Nature’s ingredients selected
  • Every product is 100% Natural
  • No animal testing / cruelty-free, no animal-derived ingredients
Curaloe Ecocert Cosmos OrganicAt Curaloe, we trust in the natural healing power of plants and the ability to harness their goodness to ensure that your health and beauty resonates from the inside-out and can shine through all facets of your life.

Organic Aloe Vera Body Care Kit
Organic Aloe Vera Body Care Kit Sale price€41,50 Regular price€49,00