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Skincare & wellness products rooted in nature

Feel the Natural Difference

About Curaloe

From Plant to Bottle

Step 1

Cultivation and Harvesting

At Curaloe, we begin the process by cultivating and growing our own Aloe Vera plants on sustainable farms.

Our Aloe Vera plants are grown following strict, sustainable practices, without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers.

Each Aloe Vera leaf is carefully harvested to ensure that it is at the peak of its potency, guaranteeing the highest quality and benefit to you.

Step 2

Processing the Aloe Vera

Once harvested, the Aloe Vera leaves are quickly transported to Curaloe’s on-site processing facility to ensure freshness.

Here, the Aloe gel is extracted from the leaves within hours of harvesting to preserve its natural nutrients and active compounds. This gel forms the base of all Curaloe products.

The processing methods are designed to retain the natural properties of the Aloe Vera, using minimal heat and no unnecessary additives.

Step 3

Product Formulation and Packaging

The extracted Aloe Vera gel is then blended with other high-quality, natural ingredients, depending on the specific product being manufactured.

Curaloe’s range includes skincare products such as moisturisers, serums, and cleansers, as well as health-oriented products like dietary supplements and wellness drinks.

After formulation, the products are packaged in eco-friendly materials that are designed to protect their integrity and extend the shelf life. Each product batch is tested to meet stringent quality control standards before it is released to the market.

Our Philosophy

At Curaloe, we believe that true beauty and health come from within. This belief drives our commitment to provide the highest quality Aloe Vera-based skincare and health products. Our journey began on the sun-drenched fields of Curaçao, where the Aloe Vera plant has been revered for its potent healing properties for centuries.


What We Do

Curaloe stands as a guardian of both tradition and innovation. We cultivate our Aloe Vera organically, harnessing its natural benefits to create products that nurture and heal. From the meticulous harvesting of Aloe leaves to the conscientious formulation of our final products, every step is carried out with your health and the environment in mind.


Our Commitment to Purity

Organic Cultivation:
Each Aloe Vera leaf used in our products is grown on our sustainable farms. We follow strict organic practices to ensure that every leaf is free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

From Plant to Bottle:
Our on-site processing facility ensures that the potent properties of Aloe Vera are preserved. This vertical integration allows us to maintain quality control at every stage of production, guaranteeing that our products are as fresh and effective as possible.

Eco-Friendly Practices:
Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Curaloe. We employ water conservation methods, use solar energy, and ensure that all our packaging is recyclable, reflecting our commitment to the planet.


Our Range

Curaloe offers a wide array of products tailored to meet the needs of every skin type. Our skincare line includes cleansers, moisturisers, and serums, each rich in Aloe's natural benefits. We also provide a range of health products, such as dietary supplements and wellness drinks, designed to promote overall health and vitality.


Certified Organic

We are proud to hold the ECOCERT – COSMOS ORGANIC certification, one of the most rigorous standards in the organic skincare industry. This certification reflects our adherence to the highest standards of organic farming and clean manufacturing processes, ensuring our products are truly natural and beneficial.


Join the Curaloe Family

We invite you to experience the Curaloe difference for yourself. Explore our products, learn about the benefits of Aloe Vera, and discover how we can help you achieve healthier skin and a more vibrant life. Join our community of wellness enthusiasts who believe in the power of nature, sustainability, and a more conscientious approach to health and beauty.

Embrace a life of natural health and beauty with Curaloe – where every product tells a story of purity and care.