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Article: The undercover agent for skincare - Polysaccharides


The undercover agent for skincare - Polysaccharides

A magical hydrator has been working away quietly, far from the limelight, but now that clean beauty is becoming a force to reckon with, it is time that we take this ingredient out of the closet and have a closer look at  polysaccharides to understand the amazing benefits it offers.


What are polysaccharides?

Polysaccharides are naturally occurring  carbohydrates that are found in the human body, plants, and animals. It is not a single ingredient but a group of ingredients that have multiple benefits for the skin and body. Polysaccharides are essentially a large carbohydrate molecule that is made up of a long chain of many smaller sugar molecules.

 Let’s start with skincare

The truth is that our skin is susceptible to a variety of stressors. External factors like air pollution, sunlight, and UV radiation, along with lifestyle and medications, can weaken the structure of the skin, which in turn causes a decrease in elasticity, the appearance of fine lines, and dehydration. Moisturizing and maintaining the skin barrier are important part of skincare. Polysaccharides form a netlike structure that prevents the loss of water molecules from the skin surface. The superpower of polysaccharides is that they bind to the skin cells strongly and last a lot longer than most other moisturizing ingredients. For healthy skin hydration is  key to maintaining supple, smooth and youthful skin.

To counter these effects, we recommend a daily skin care routine that includes Aloe Vera-based products, which are a natural source of polysaccharides. Our formulas combine Aloe Vera with potent plant extracts that rejuvenate your skin cells and increase the production of collagen. A daily skin cleanse with Curaloe Organic Cleansing Milk, gently removes impurities without stripping your skin of its natural oils and moisture, leaving the skin clean and clear. Using a day cream is essential for shielding your skin from direct exposure and creating a moisture barrier that allows your skin to stay hydrated all day. Curaloe Day Cream does just that, while protecting your skin against harsh weather conditions.

A perfect end-of-day treat for your skin is Curaloe Night Cream,  which actively works to allow skin recovery during the night as you sleep. It is infused with oils and butters that  penetrate deeply, resulting in soft and  firm skin while increasing elasticity. Once they have sealed in the hydration, the other ingredients work on skin repair and renewal.

A weekly ritual using Curaloe Hydra Restore Mask enriched with Reishi mushroom, helps draw out the impurities hiding in the deeper layers of your skin. This results in toned and purified skin that appears refreshed and  glowing.  Complete your skin ritual with the application of Curaloe Organic Aloe Gel before you step out, It stays on your skin, locking in all the goodness. Building a regular skin care routine with daily and weekly use gives better results.

 Polysaccharides are also behind the scene workers!

Polysaccharides are true healers, as they have been shown to have many beneficial properties when consumed internally. They encourage a healing environment within the entire body by regulating the digestive system and boosting general immunity. All of this promotes the body cells to regain health, improve metabolism, and increase overall energy. Supplement your diet with a daily shot of Pure Aloe Vera Supplement Juice made from  inner leaf extract. It has both nutritive and therapeutic advantages. Aloe Vera is a storehouse of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and polysaccharides. It works to let the toxins leave cells and the nutrients to enter cells much more effectively.

 It’s fair to say that Aloe Vera offers a treasure trove of powerful ingredients that are a must have for your skin and healthcare needs. Now that we have unveiled the secret agent polysaccharides and their limitless benefits, it is clear that nature does have potent remedies. It is these compelling reasons that have led us to build a complete range of Aloe Vera-based products. The transformations we have seen firsthand have led us to the conclusion that beauty starts on the inside and then reflects on the outside.

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