Organic Line


At Curaloe, we believe that Nature is our greatest teacher and supplies us with the ability to lead a healthy, happy, and balanced life. That’s why we grow the greatest gift that Nature has to offer: Aloe Vera.

We use it to create superior organic skincare products with an extremely high concentration of this powerful plant and make them available for you.

We started the journey by growing our own Aloe Vera, source Organic botanical ingredients, and combine them into harmonious formulas that are powerfully effective in creating healthy, radiant skin.

10 products found in Organic Line

Deluxe Body Oil Organic
  • €35,95
Deluxe Body Cream Organic
  • €27,95
Anti Pollution Serum Organic
  • €37,50
Age Defying Cream Organic
  • €39,95
Invigorating Body Wash Organic
  • €22,95
Hydra Restore Cream Organic
  • €36,95
Cleansing Milk Organic
  • €29,95
Soothing Aloe Gel Organic
  • €18,95
Total Skin Polish Organic
  • €31,95
Hydra Restore Mask Organic
  • €26,95