Curaloe Silver Line

Curacao Souvenir Box (Curaloe Mini's)

€27 €34,95

Curacao Branded giftset box including: 

Body Gel 95% Aloe Vera
The Curaloe Body Gel cools and relieves the skin from dryness and excessive sun exposure. Additionally it alleviates itchy skin.

Body Lotion 80% Aloe Vera
The Curaloe Body Lotion is a wonderful lotion which will make your skin soft and firm. This product protects you from the abuse of weather.

Shampoo 55% Aloe Vera
The Curaloe Shampoo cleans, strengthens and moisturizes the hair and helps to nourish and restore an optimal scalp condition while minimizing hair loss.

Showergel 55% Aloe Vera
The Shower Gel is a unisex foaming gel based on Aloe Vera which will nourish, soothens and cleanse your skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day. 

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