Curaloe Silver Line

Curaloe Essential Aloe Vera Travel Pack

€37 €41,50

Suitable for all skin types, this nourishing and healing travel is a must-have for those dealing with acne, sensitive skin, rashes, pigmentation, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, sunburns, burns, stretch marks, scars or dandruff. Get smoother, healthier, more radiant skin today - Try Curaloe's Aloe Vera Gel for real results!

Set contains:

  • Mini Curaloe Aloe Vera Body Gel 88.7ml
  • Mini Curaloe Aloe Vera Body Lotion 88.7ml
  • Mini Curaloe Aloe Vera Shampoo 88.7ml
  • Mini Curaloe Aloe Vera Shower Gel 88.7ml
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